Eastside News

In Case You Didn’t Notice: We Have a New Website


You’re looking at the new website for Eastside Intergroup. To make it easy to remember, we’re calling the site Eastside A.A. There’s a lot going on to tell you about here. If you are an east side DCM or serve ESIG, you’ll want to read all this.

ESIG Committees and Eastside DCMs Can Contribute Content

It’s true! Now our very special worker in the office is letting other trusted servants post your own events, stories and news.

Anybody Can Submit Corrections to the Meeting Info

Yes, anybody! Just find your meeting here, check the info and use the form on each meeting’s page to request a change. Try it out now!

The Meeting Guide App and Area Will Use Our Meeting Info

This will take a little doing and coordination, but soon this site will be the single version of truth for east side meetings. Area 72 and the Meeting Guide app will get their information from EastsideAA.org.

There’s a Newsletter

Bask in the technology! Anyone can sign-up for Eastside Intergroups’s newsletter using the simple form in the footer of the page.

See Upcoming Events Right Smack on the Home Page

No more hunting for that event time or location you’re rushing to. It’s right on the home page!

Better yet, when your homegroup asks “Are there any announcements for the good of A.A.”, just surf to eastsideaa.org and announce the events from the site.