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We need a number of volunteers to help with the logistics of the Picnic, mostly on the day of but a few before. Please call Nancy or Doug at our office at (425) 454-9192 or email esig@eastsideaa.org for more information and to sign up! Make it a homegroup Project! Volunteer positions and numbers:

Set up – 10 (including someone to pick up large grill from District 39, bring supplies from ESIG Office, truck required)

Ticket Takers – 4

Food Prep – 4 slice tomatoes, onions, set up serving areas

Table Runners – 4 (keep potluck items clear, help with various food activities)

Raffle – 6 to 8 (both pre-picnic to build baskets/shop and at picnic to sell tickets, MC)

Kids Activities (Need ideas)

Clean up – 8 to 10