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Our Web Committee Needs Your Help


This is where I turn it over to my higher power and ask for help. The Web Committee has a lot of responsibilities and it’s frankly too much for just a couple people.

“Jeez, I want to help but this stuff looks really technical. I don’t have those skills!”
Don’t worry. If you’re comfortable using Microsoft Office, you can easily learn all this stuff. If that’s you and you’re an enthusiastic learner, I’m happy to train you.

“Okay, I’m excited! How to I make myself available?”
Just email me, webstuff@eastsideaa.org. Please include your contact info, sobriety date and any relevant experience.

Here are the positions we need to fill:

Office IT Support

This obligation is about 1 – 2 hours per month. This person would be responsible for:

  • Our office’s network connectivity and security
  • Proper functioning of office computers and printers
  • Backup and recovery
  • Technical training office staff and volunteers

Web Services

This is a great job for someone who is familiar with WordPress or who has always wanted to learn it. The commitment asks about 1 – 3 hours per week. Typical tasks include:

  • Maintaining meeting information
  • Training users to manage content
  • Security (Password resets, managing permissions, etc…)
  • Performing regular updates and patches
  • Implementing new website features
    Requires a willingness to learn PHP, Javascript, CSS, and HTML if you don’t know these things already.

Website Content Editor

The content on the website needs attention daily. The commitment asks about 10 – 30 minutes daily.  Tasks include:

  • Update meeting and event information (Nancy loves this, so you might end up serving as her back-up.
  • Ensure the website does not break our members’ anonymity
  • Encourage editorial contributions from everyone in our service area
  • Training users to manage content

Email Manager

The email manager administrates users accounts in Google Workspace. The commitment asks about 10 – 30 minutes weekly.  Tasks include:

  • Providing for security
  • Managing accounts
  • Managing forwarders
  • Password resets
  • Training users