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Online Contribution Option Available


Finances may get tight at the Eastside Intergroup Office as I am sure they are for so many people and organizations during these difficult times. The office is open again (masks required) and we have our normal expenses and we need to rely on our membership to help carry us through. Our primary purpose is to carry our message to the alcoholic that still suffers and our mission includes supporting our local groups and districts. We’ve continued to do this while working from home and now from the office and are extremely grateful for your support.

I’m excited to say that we now have a button for making contributions on our menu that will take you to PayPal where you can donate. Our 7th Tradition states that we are self supporting through our own contributions and with this new feature we will be able to accept donations from individuals and from groups. Remember though, contributions need to be from members of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Venmo donations from the old website will be transferred and we will now only use the new site and PayPal.

Contributions can still be sent via mail if it’s more convenient:
Eastside Intergroup
13401 Bel Red Rd Suite B6
Bellevue, WA 98005

When John called to tell me he had added this feature, I was able to be the first to try it out and make a donation. It was easy to follow and offered a receipt when I was done. This new feature will be so helpful not only during the COVID-19 closures but when we are all back to our normal routines as well. And, when that happens we will add our Faithful Fivers and Birthday Club donation forms to the contribution page to make that easier too.

I’m excited about the direction our new website is taking us and want to thank our webmaster John B. for his many volunteer hours getting the site ready to go for everyone. Thank you John!