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Now Offering Free Zoom Meetings to Groups and A.A. Events


Eastside Intergroup is now offering Zoom meetings to groups, workshops, committee meetings, panels, alcothons, etc…!

These meetings are capable of supporting up to 300 participants per meeting with default settings for security and anonymity. Groups continue to run their own meetings, at their regular dates and times, with their usual group format. We will simply provide the technology!

Is it really free?

Ultimately yes, it is really free.

If you like, feel free to contribute a few bucks to Eastside Intergroup

Like any 7th Tradition Basket, contributing is optional and any amount is entirely up to you. No guilt or judgement – just carry the message.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy!  Simply email zoom@eastsideaa.org and let our coordinator know:

  1. Your meeting or event title
  2. Start/end times, dates and how frequently you plan on meeting
  3. If you want it password protected and/or use the waiting room to screen participants

Our coordinator will create the meeting for you, send you the meeting’s information that you can share with others, and give you the host key you need to claim host in your meeting/event.

Why is Eastside Intergroup doing this?

With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, we feel this is a great way to remove/reduce any barriers to 12th step work in our area. 

We made a mistake when creating our meeting. How do I fix it?

Contact our coordinator (zoom@eastsideaa.org) and we will make a manual correction.

Do we get a free Zoom account?

It doesn’t work that way. You’ll get the meeting details and a Host Key that you use to claim host for the meeting.

We give you a secured Zoom meeting place and a key that you use to claim your role as host when you start your meeting.

Do we need to schedule meetings at Zoom.us?

You do not! Just go to Zoom meeting/event before it starts, use your host key to claim your role as host, and at the end of the meeting “End Meeting for All Users.”

Do we have to close right on the hour?

Nope – many groups keep their meeting open for fellowship after the meeting. We space them apart to allow for some flexibility between meeting times.

How do we claim host in our meeting?

  1. Join the meeting.
  2. Click Participants.
  1. Click Claim Host at the bottom of the participants list.
  1. Enter your host key (you’ll get the host key from our Zoom coordinator, zoom@eastsideaa.org).
  2. Click Claim Host.
  3. Once the host key is verified, you will have host controls in the meeting.

I have another question!

Contact our coordinator (zoom@eastsideaa.org) if you have an issue that you still can’t resolve.