Eastside News

Welcome New Committee Chairs


We are excited to announce the following new committee chairs:

Tom Z. will be the new Hotline Coordinator working with Sheree P. as she is rotating out of the position. This is an extremely important position. Our Eastside Intergroup phone number is listed as the main number for Alcoholics Anonymous in the greater east side area so when someone calls for help – we want a live person to answer that call. Tom will be coordinating the monthly hotline calendar to make sure all of those calls are answered. Welcome Tom!

Dennis M. will be the new chair of the Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC) and will be working with Janine B. as she rotates out of the position. This committee is responsible for providing the panels in schools or other places that are requested as well as getting information to the professional community. This can include information packets to doctors, attorneys, etc. Welcome Dennis!

Keri C. will be our new Young People in A.A. (YPAA) chair and will be filling a position that was vacated by Josh A. a few months back. Aaron H. from our Board will be mentoring Keri as she gets started with this committee. This committee includes helping to carry the message to young people as well as other activities. Welcome Keri!

If anyone is interested in participating on any of these committees you can email them at: hotline@eastsideaa.org, pi@eastsideaa.org, cpc@eastsideaa.org and ypaa@eastsideaa.org

We are looking forward to working together and thank you for volunteering to be of service.