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Eastside Intergroup Goes Virtual


Due to the Corona virus, we have temporarily closed the Eastside Intergroup Office and are working remotely. You can still reach us on the 24 hour hotline number 425-454-9192 which is always answered.

Even though the office is closed and we can’t do everything we normally do, we’re covering quite a lot! We were able to get a large order of Big Books delivered at Lakeside Milam even though we are limited in how we do any sales. It may be difficult to get a book if you need one right now, but please reach out to us and we’ll do what we can to help.

As you can see, our new website has launched and I’m sure you’ll find it very user friendly and full of information. We had a small glitch the first day with the meetings but that’s been resolved. You can now even sort by “online meeting” and get a list of all of those meetings. When you click to go directly to the meeting, the zoom address is in the meeting information! Thank you John B. for all of your hard work and time spent on the new site.

We’ve been busy coordinating the Hotline by adding new volunteers to the calendar for the shifts that the office is normally open. Sheree is our Hotline Coordinator who handles scheduling the volunteers after hours.

If you ever have considered volunteering for the phones at Intergroup it can be really fun. But don’t worry! We have a great workshop to train people before they start. This workshop is for volunteers for the office hours as well as outside of office hours. Our phone number is the main number listed when people check for Alcoholics Anonymous in our area so you’ll be trained to help anyone that calls for help! We give you all kinds of resources to help you and it can be so rewarding.

Several years ago I took a call from the hotline from someone that was upset because she said there was no meeting at the location she had ridden the bus to. When she told me where she was, I knew the location and that the meeting was around on the other side of the church. I tried to tell her but she was angry and sure that I was wrong. Since I knew where she was, I asked if I could at least pick her up and give her a ride home because it was a dark and rainy night. Reluctantly she agreed. When I got to the church I took her around to the other side and walked her into the meeting. Now normally we don’t hear what happens with the people we talk to, but with her I did. I was in a meeting about 5 years later that was on the 12th step and I shared that story, of course without any names. After I was done, she tapped me on my shoulder and thanked me saying she now had 5 years. That was a rewarding call and a rewarding meeting!

We also have volunteer opportunities at the office and once we re-open, feel free to call me and we can chat about what you like to do and see if we have any openings.

Thank you for your patience during this unfortunate time that we are all experiencing. Be safe, be well.

Nancy O.