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Our Web Committee Needs Your Help


This is where I turn it over to my higher power and ask for help. The Web Committee has a lot of responsibilities and it’s frankly too much for just a couple people. “Jeez, I want to help but this stuff looks really technical. I don’t have those skills!” Don’t... More »

Regla 62 A.A. Group Speaker Meetings


INVITES YOU TO JOIN US THE THIRD MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH TO OUR SPEAKER MEETING WITH AL-ANON PARTICIPATION NEXT MEETING: FEBRUARY 15TH  TIME 7:30-8:30 PM (pacific time) 7th tradition via Venmo basket: @steve-cuspard Translate from Spanish to English will be avai... More »

Who Haven’t We Seen?


Are we making a point of looking around our zoom meetings to see who we are missing from our regular homegroup meetings?  If not, let’s make a point of it.  We probably all know someone who doesn’t use zoom and we haven’t seen for awhile.  During this Pandemic... More »