Need help Zooming to meetings?


The Eastside AA Accessibility Committee would love to help.

About half of the 300+ Eastside AA meetings have created online versions of themselves with Zoom video conferencing. If you are tech savvy it’s a piece of cake to install the app, join a meeting and see your homegroup friends! BUT, not everyone has access to a computer or is comfortable enough to set up video conferencing themselves. We’d like to help.

Did you know you can call into AA meetings from your telephone? Landline, home phone, cell phone it doesn’t matter, you can join any Zoom meeting with voice only, from any phone. Call (253) 215-8782 then enter the meeting ID and password if prompted. Email us at, or call Intergroup (425) 454-9192) to get an easy to read list of Eastside meetings with the numbers you need to dial to join by phone. Just like that you’re in!

Or, if you have a computer, laptop or smartphone and just need someone to help set up Zoom, we’re here! Email, we’ll connect you with a volunteer. We can either walk you through the process of installing and connecting Zoom over the phone, step by step, or come to your home (following covid safety protocols) do the setting up with you, and then show you how to join meetings.

Do you love zoom and need a bit of service work? If you’d like to be one of our zoom volunteers, please also email We’ll get you helping!

Whenever anyone anywhere reaches out for help…